We are here to document the journey of bringing our brand together and we thought this was worth documenting and keep, to better remember. This first article is all about what we are doing.

The idea for this brand began when we started supporting projects from friends and previous business relations, mostly by producing or prototyping furniture pieces, almost as production agents. Since we didn’t start with a full equipped factory we began to rely on our previous partnerships with suppliers and producers to bring those projects to life.
For the initial projects we had to come up with factories that were willing to work with us. We were short on time and we had to get a full furnished house ready for a client to move in, at the same time we had to prototype solid wood chairs, sideboards and consoles with an immense complexity of shapes for a brand and we were still settling partnerships to start a collection.

It was easy to understand that we needed a wide range of materials and arts that we would have to master, from handling the material itself, to handle it business wise trough suppliers. Since we got all of these together along with a ready-to-go design team, we sorted that we wanted to be a part of the game, so we put our sketch books on top of the table and started to create, not only the furniture but the brand and our goals to achieve.

It was quite a long year for everyone on board, but we finally made it to prototyping and now we are launching the brand. So grab a seat and witness these journey.
These were the first steps to a long ride and we want to tell all about it.


Text by Nuno Gomes  |  Posted June 1, 2018