It is with great pleasure that we invite you to witness the unveil of Collector’s first collection.

A collection that was brought to life with the single purpose of improving comfort in our home routines. It was very important to us, not only in our early design stage but also when we conceived the brand’s main principles, that we wanted a brand and it’s products to play a important, and complementary role on people’s homes.
All the products from the collection where designed to work together as a whole but also to be able to be the most diverse in style. The plan was to easily fit with already existing settings and cover the main product typologies ; from different seating options, to tables of all sizes, to storage and casegoods, all the way to decor pieces and office items so we can gently start to build a difference.
It was also very meaningful to incorporate the idea that our products should fit next to very loud pieces and still be able to play a role, but also to be used alongside much sober look furniture and still pass the same relevance. We did that by searching for the best and most intriguing material combinations, we wanted it to be as satisfying to look as it would be to touch and feel, not only individually but also when playing a set.
The color choice was maintained sober and discreet for our standard presentation but with the possibility to choose between a vast range of materials, finishes and colors. We want the product to suit not only your need but also to suit the style you want to achieve or enhance.

Since we are based in the center of Portugal’s furniture manufacturing hub we are provided with a unmatchable choice of raw materials and technics to work them. Being like so, we rely on the best to do the best. We work alongside big producers and suppliers to ensure continuity, as well as small manufacturers who are more specialized in specific technics.

Collector first ambiance mood. Featuring Lauren center table, Jacob sofa and Elliot armchair.



W 75 cm D 70 cm H 72 cm


W 190 cm D 90 cm H 75 cm


W 115 cm D 115 cm H 35 cm