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2021-07-15T16:05:49+00:00June - 2018|

“It’s not the permanent impecable state that shows the best quality.” Even more important is the dialogue of aging , the stories it can tell over time by the natural wear of the materials or by the times it is used. Counting experiences as it ages. Witnessing this process will be as exciting as the first time you sat on your favorite chair. [...]


2018-09-26T14:20:16+00:00June - 2018|

January 10, 2018, the day our first creation takes its first steps. "The coffee table" creates harmony between all the elements of a living room, it is the one that occupies the center as it is named. It is this bounding agent for the whole room that we wanted to explore in the first prototype. At first look, Lauren [...]


2018-09-26T14:20:10+00:00June - 2018|

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to witness the unveil of Collector’s first collection. A collection that was brought to life with the single purpose of improving comfort in our home routines. It was very important to us, not only in our early design stage but also when we conceived the brand’s main principles, that we wanted a brand [...]