January 10, 2018, the day our first creation takes its first steps.

“The coffee table” creates harmony between all the elements of a living room, it is the one that occupies the center as it is named. It is this bounding agent for the whole room that we wanted to explore in the first prototype.
At first look, Lauren Center table is discreet but the hidden features are always the most compelling and this particular table keeps the most important for a sharper look.

It’s shape was not only decided by design but also gave the piece itself a right to decide. The leather is shaped by the structure, it follows the top and bottom line as rails and let it’s body assume the final look, more than a sculpted piece of furniture it is the embody of a material’s behavior.
This illusion gives Lauren its magic as the bulk shape base preserves its hollowness, having the leather covering an unexisting surface. The top surface is available in a marble, ceramic or wood veneer choice, both the best solution for smooth surfaces and a complement for the concept giving the illusion that the heavy top is sustained by the light structure.

All of this intriguing facts makes Lauren a piece of excellence both in elegance and character.

Collector in-house studio working in collaboration with the producer on the prototype. Lauren center table  is the first product that features the collection. Photos by Collector Studio.


W 115 cm D 115 cm H 35 cm

A center table with special light reflections that enhance the exclusive quality of the leather covering structure. The round edges table top comes in marble, displaying an unconventional elegance.

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